Tongxiang Small Boss Special Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
Produk utama: MBBR Bio Media; Bio Ball; 20mm Sponge Polyurethane Biological MBBR Bio Filler; Lamella Tube Media; Bio Blok,pvc sheet pile,pvc compound
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Small Boss was established in 1992, one of china's leading manufacturers specialized in plastic products with its plants spreading out 48,600 ㎡ and workshops over 52,000㎡High speed production capacity with 120 extrusion production line.Over the past 23 years, Small Boss has long dedicated to the research and development of PVC formulas, innovation of extrusion technology of plastics and processing and transformation of machinery equipment


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We invests millions in technical research and development each year,and has established good relations with the laboratories of well-known Wuhan University of Technology and Tongji University .With its technicians accounting to 30% of more than 300 employees,Small Boss has China's most professional plastic formula and a team engaged in the innovation and R&D of extrusion profiles. 


Quality and safety,reliable purchase Buy at ease